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tv   [untitled]    February 15, 2013 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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addressed but it seems to be bothering him. if you decide making rules for s rear -- sro to be smoke free the state will subsidized. sometimes you hear the state won't let them have smoke free buildings and that's what i was told by tenderloin housing authority compliance officer to justify it that have the right to smoke and they have people who are smokers and the supervisor said "if you make a rule that the sro is going to be smoke free building from now on, make a rule like that just as they did successfully without any complaints, and i was there at next door shelter, the biggest shelter when supervisor
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mar's ordinance came into effect. i was listening. no complaints. that big huge thing and people had a right to say what they did they located outside and make a big smoky place on the street instead. now, i think this should not be tolerated either. supervisor mar we asked about a week ago the problem is if you made that role then people and would get eviction notice for smoking then they're on the street. well, i haven't heard that angle before but i can see how that is resolved by a little mathematics and employer -- what the present residents want. i met people in the sro's that are subjected to
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the atmosphere but non spokers and they don't have a choice. here's the room. let's see how many people are there that want non smoking room. a third of the people are non smokers there and a third people don't want the smoke and a 30 in the another sro are the same way and make one a smoke free one. it's not high powered mathematics but make inquiries. people might be interested in having a choice and smokers could occupy a certain part of the building and non smokers could have a clean building. let's work it out. >> thank you so much ma'am. >> thank you. >> thank you. okay. no more for public comment. public comment is closed. we're going to move on down to agenda item
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six. do we have time for the director's report? >> chair wilson, given the time and the fact that you have two important items on your agenda i'm willing to give my director report at the very end of the meeting if we still have time for it. i know we still have some speakers and a co-chair election. i know how important those items are to you. >> okay. do we want to break now? okay. so we're going to take a break. we will take a break and be back in 10 minutes. thank you very much.
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>> yes. back to the meeting. well, we have an adjustment to
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the agenda, a readjustment to the agenda because one of our -- someone has to leave early, so we are going to go into agenda item number eight, co-chair elections. i will now call for nominees for the co-chair of elections. is there anyone who would like to be nominated to be co-chair? and anyone can nominate themselves. sorry. harriet. >> i would like to nominate adele wilson. >> thank you very much. and i will accept that nomination. do we have a second it or no? no.
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anymore nominations? oh -- oh yes, ms. denise. >> thank you. i nominate chip for co-chair. >> do you accept? >> i accept. >> a point of order chair wilson. you would call for anybody to make a second. >> thank you very much carla, and we need a second. a second on chip. >> i second the nomination for chip. >> thank you ms. wendy chan.
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is there anymore nominations? >> [inaudible] >> seeing that there is no -- >> and point of order too i didn't hear a second for the first nomination. was there a second for that one as well? >> okay. we will go back. harriet could you do it over again so we can get a second? >> i would like to nominate adele wilson. >> we need to hear that. she can't get her mic on. >> i think it's on. i can't see and i can't talk. i second the nomination. >> and we do have a second. seeing that there is no more
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nom nominations on the board we do have the nomination is closed. do any of the councilmembers who have been nominated wish to speak? mr. chip. >> just briefly. i would like to say it's an honor to serve as chair of the council. in my time on the council i have really taken to heart the mission and the goals of the mdc and the mod, and in addition i would like to see the mdc take a more activist role in the community and become more visible and i would take efforts to make that happen. >> thank you. and adele
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wilson. i grew up in this lovely resource city and it would be a pleasure to serve, and i really love doing the work here in san francisco because it is one of the cities that everyone in the world would love to live in, but i have had the honor to be born here, raised here, go through a lot of the different services, so i would feel much of an honor to serve as a co-director. thank you. okay. seeing that all nominees have been in and we spoke all members may now vote by selected ballot. once we have finished making your ballots please wait until the mod staff collects and counts the ballots. thank you everyone for your cooperation. so you have your ballots and then they will collect them. if you
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would be patient with us.
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>> yes councilmembers. we do have a winner and that is adele wilson. [applause] >> yes. we did have a winner. thank you very much. okay. let's move on with agenda item -- oh we have to go back. i forgot. i am new at this. please forgive me. i will get better as i go on. thank you guys very much. thank you to everyone here who voted, and i hope that i do you proud. thank you. next we have information
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team number seven, seniors and disability action empowering and organizing people with disabilities by jessica. jessica could you please say your last name? i don't want to mess it up. thank you. >> can you hear me from here? >> yes. >> my last name is lehman. jessica lehman. thank you. hello councilmembers. thank you so much for having us here today and congratulations to our new chair. >> thank you very much. >> okay. let me know if the
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sound is okay. is that close enough? okay. great. so i understand we have about 10 minutes. is that right? >> yes. >> okay. i'm going to try to take about just five minutes of our time because we have two board members here who i want to introduce them and a chance to speak as well. so senior disability action was technically formed last summer through the merger of senior action network and planning for elders in the central city. both are ork niegzs that have been around for 20 years and had similar missions for supporting seniors and people with disabilitys in san francisco and our mission is about empowering people with disabilities and seniors to improve our community as a whole and we have a strong social justice focus and about
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fighting forms of oppression so we work through individual support and collective action that we think it's important to build a movement with seniors and people can disabilities to build the kind of community we want and our vision is about them fully participating in our community to have housing, health care, transportation, and other needs met, and where we have justice for all where everyone is treated with dignity and respect where voices are heard and valued, where we recognize and honor gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, culture, religion, class, and every part of ones self that people bring to our organization and community so we have several programs that i will mention briefly, and i forgot we actually have a powerpoint so maybe i will turn to that for a